Welcome to Youth Ministries at St. Francis in the Foothills!

The spiritual life of youth is evolving and fluid. Finding the essence of a spiritual life by creating space for experience, expression, inquiry and connection  are the foundations of our Youth Ministry.  

The St. Francis in the Foothills Youth Ministry hopes to create:  

       A safe place to explore spiritual life in an experiential way  

       A time of encouraging one another to connect with and live out the Christ within.  

       A nurturing place where youth can be fully themselves,

reveal mistakes, celebrate questions, find support in their challenges and create community, acceptance and friendship.  

       A community that respects, be friends, and live as allies and advocates for LGBTQ people and all others who are marginalized

and oppressed. 

 A place to investigate the aspect of Christian life and practice that are relevant to the experience of Youth.   

Sunday School   
Here is our Sunday School schedule:
9:00 Youth attend worship in the Center until after Children’s Time

(about 9:15)   
9:15 – Sunday school – Room 50