If you would like to find out more about John Akuar and the School for Abul, John has written a book about his journey entitled Run John, Run . . . And Don't Come Back. The books are $25.00 each with proceeds benefiting the school, and can be purchased through St. Francis in the Foothills. St. Francis also accepts donations for the school. Call 299-9063 for more information. 

   To date, classrooms have been built for 250 children, and five fresh water wells have been established around the school and the village, providing villagers with clean water. 

  But there is so much more that needs to be done. Four teachers, "lost boys" who decided to stay and make a difference, teach the children. They do not get paid because there is no money to pay them with. The school itself has no electricity or plumbing, and school supplies are constantly needed. 

   Located in Southern Sudan, the School for Abul had its genesis at St. Francis. Inspired by the vision and fire of John Akuar, one of the Sudanese "Lost Boys", the congregation took up the challenge of building a school along with fresh water wells for the people of Abul. 

School for Abul 

South Sudan