Spacious and bright, the Celebration Center can hold up to 400 people and boasts a state-of-the-art sound and video system. This is a perfect venue for concerts, lectures, and weddings.

Celebration Center at St. Francis in the Foothills

St. Clare Room

Classroom 41

This small, intimate room, made of natural stone, is perfect for a one-on-one session, or a small group meeting. It can hold 6 - 8 comfortably and is often used for Reiki sessions, counseling,

and small book group or discussion meetings.

This room has a wonderful open feeling to it, probably due to the north facing windows and skylights.

It doubles as an art gallery, and often is alive with the colors of beautiful works from different artists.

It is a favorite for small group meetings and can comfortably accommodate 25 people.

Community Center at St. Francis in the Foothills

This double-classroom can hold up to 35 people comfortably with tables and chairs set up to fit your needs. It is also perfect for yoga, meditation and Tai Chi classes.

Classroom 30/31

The naturally landscaped desert campus of St. Francis in the Foothills is perfect for your event. Whether it's an all-day workshop or a class that meets every week, we have a space that will work for you.

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This classroom, which we use as a Sunday school classroom, can easily double as a meeting room for a small group.

If you have homeowners association, a book

or discussion group, or just a get-together of

8 to 12 people, this room is perfect for you.

Remember, we can do almost any kind

of set up you might need!

"Recently I had the pleasure of performing in the new Celebration Center at St. Francis in the Foothills. I am a professional harpist and have played in many venues in various parts of the country over my career. I must say that this center was delightful to play in and has wonderful acoustics with or without amplification. The people associated with this small/mid-sized facility were wonderful to work with and very helpful. I imagine this hall would work equally well for single, duo, trio, quartet and small ensemble, either vocal or instrumental. Sound design was definitely considered when constructing this hall.

An added bonus to this hall is the beautiful view of the Santa Catalina Mountains out the wall of glass on the northwest side of the center.

If some performing group is considering venues in Tucson, AZ, they would be well served in considering this lovely Celebration Center."

Honor Conway Ferretti

Ravenscroft Hall

Boasting a commercial kitchen, the Community Center is perfect for larger events, or those that need space.

It has an audio-visual room, bathrooms, and the adjacent Ravenscroft Hall should more space be needed.

It can hold 220 people if chairs are needed, and

150 with chairs and tables.