​St. Francis in the Foothills

Introductions put us in an amazing place, bringing up both the joy and the anxiety of something new.  Well, I just want you to relax because, other than being born at the top of Mount Olympus, I’m just like the rest of you. 

Actually I was born in the corner of Nebraska at Fort Robinson and I lived in New Jersey, Colorado and Texas growing up.  I also lived in Argentina for two years while on a mission for the Mormon Church, after which I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education. It was then that I came back to my family’s home, Arizona, where I have lived since. I taught first, second and third graders for 14 years before God put a call into my heart to go into ordained ministry. I’m not sure if it was the call so much as the fact that I had to tell my wife about the call that made it so scary. She had graduated from Arizona State University two years earlier and found a job at my school! God’s new plans changed all our well-laid-out ones. Joannie and I met playing volleyball at church and got married March 19,1994.  She is an amazing partner to have as we minister together.

We have two sons - Jim who lives in Mesa and Eric who is in Minnesota. I currently want them to start providing me with grandchildren, so if anyone has suggestions about how to help with that, it would be appreciated.

I traveled back and forth to California for three years to Claremont School of Theology and received a Master’s degree in Theology in June of 2007. I have worked at Lakeview UMC in Sun City, First UMC of Phoenix in central Phoenix, back in the neighborhood where I taught school at Epworth UMC and most recently, at First Yuma UMC. In ministry I like to focus on people who have been pushed aside and overlooked, rejected or ignored. If that describes you, please come knock on my door.

Jim Wiltbank


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