The Hot Mamas
Thursday, August 30th,
7:00 pm in the Community Center
The Hot Mamas are here to give their unique take on

being a mom--with all the frustrations and joys it brings.   
Think of it as a mix between Pitch Perfect and Bad Moms!
Four talented women perform songs showcasing their stories
about being moms/grandmothers, wives, and women in general. 
It's Sassy, Classy, and a bit Smart Assy!
Don't miss your chance to experience
and celebrate being a mom!     
A portion of the ticket proceeds will go to Kids Of Steele:

an organization of children, families, and friends united to support

the University of Arizona Steele Children's Research Center

in their quest to teach, to heal, and to discover.
For more information, contact 520-205-2564 or email taketimetolovelife@outlook.com.
For tickets, go to: