Welcome to Children's Ministries at St. Francis in the Foothills!

Our goal at St. Francis is to create a safe and nurturing environment for each child entrusted to our care. We strive to create curriculum, space and opportunities for children to discover/become confident in the Holy One’s love and care for them, grow in their gifts, explore their spirituality and become committed to living a life of social justice.

The work we do and the time we spend with children are some of the most important investments we can ever make. We believe that the times of learning, sharing, and serving others together are transformative for both children and teachers.

While we have developed a curriculum that involves children exploring core values, biblical stories, creation and stewardship, social justice and much more, each week stands alone in focus. A student does not need to be present the previous week to be fully engaged in a current week’s experience.

We all know that spiritual growth and exploration does not occur solely on Sunday morning. Each week a question or activity will be sent home with children to assist families in continuing that faith exploration and formation.

Sunday School

            9:00 – Children participate in worship in the Center until after                  Children’s Time (about 9:15)

            9:15 – Teachers take children to their respective classrooms

If your child would feel more comfortable with your walking to Sunday school with her or him (especially if it is your first Sunday at St. Francis), we encourage you to do just that.

Visitor cards for children are in the chair backs in the worship center. It is extremely helpful to us if each visiting child brings a completed card to Sunday school.

This at least gives us child’s name, parent’s (significant adult) name and any known allergies. Registration forms will also be available in each classroom.