A Community of Love
Sunday, July 22nd
10:30 in the Community Center
A group of young people and adults from St. Francis will be traveling to Peru this summer to volunteer their time and love for

El Refugio De Esperanza, a school community for

children with disabilities.
Join us to hear the travelers tell their stories and show their pictures from their summer of love in Peru. 

"Ram Dass, Going Home"

​Sunday, July 15th

​10:30 in the Community Center

​In this 30 minute documentary film, one of the iconic spiritual leaders of our time reflects on love, life and death from his home in Maui. The movie has been described as "a profound and poetic encounter with Ram Dass toward the end of his life."

A meditation practice on self-love and a discussion to follow the film.

A Heart of Compassion
Sunday, June 24th
10:30 in the Community Center

This DVD Class features 2 speakers presenting illuminating ideas and stories about compassion. Krista Tippett is the founder of “On Being” a radio/podcast show in which she interviews leaders

in spirituality and social causes.

Joan Halifax is a Buddhist teacher addressing compassion

in her work with dying people. 


Reader's Theater:
Tolstoy's “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria”

Sunday, July 1st
10:30 in the Community Center

Leo Tolstoy wrote “Esarhaddon, King of Assyria” in 1903. In this play he resolves his life-long spiritual struggles and finally understands the source of Love. All members of the class will participate by reading parts of the script of the story. Following the Reader's Theater, we’ll break into discussion groups. Dramatic reading is encouraged!


Marianne Williamson’s New American Story
 Sunday, July 8th
10:30 in the Community Center

Marianne Williamson describes the history of and current American thinking that allows us to deny what is actually happening in racism, homophobia, and equal rights for all. She urges all of us to act with love and conviction about those things we say we believe in. This is love in action. Join us for this DVD presentation followed by a discussion.


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