St. Francis Adult Education

Summer 2017

Sundays through August 27th

10:30 am in the Community Center

The St. Francis Adult Education Team is offering a summer program that introduces the suggestion that the time has come for "Saving Jesus".

In the Living the Questions series Saving Jesus, a number of contemporary religious thinkers such as Marcus Borg, Matthew Fox and Amy-Jill Levine explore the Jesus story and how our understanding of the life and meaning of Jesus has evolved over the centuries. They challenge us to evaluate our own personal story of Jesus and reconcile it with what we know historically about the life and culture in that period of the Middle East over two millenniums ago.

Each DVD presentation is about 30 minutes long, which will leave us an hour or so to discuss our impressions and interpretations.

The schedule and titles are:

June 11: Introduction

June 18: Who Was Jesus?

June 25: What Can We Kow About Jesus (And How)?

July 2: The World Into Which Jesus Was Born

July 9: Jesus' Birth: Incarnation

July 16: Teachings of Jesus: Wisdom Tradition

July 23: Jesus' Program: The Kingdom of Heaven

July 30: Jesus' Ministry of Compassion

August 6: Killing Jesus, Part One: Who Killed Jesus?

August 13: Killing Jesus, Part Two: The Atonement

August 20: The Resurrection of Christ

August 27: Why Jesus is Worth Saving

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