The Doctrine of Discovery

Sunday, May 6th

10:30 am in the Community Center

Justice for Our Neighbors

Sunday, April 29th,

10:30 am in the Community Center

‚ÄčIn February a new law clinic opened in Tucson.  There, free or low-cost immigration legal services are provided for low-income immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.  It is a part of the national Justice for Our Neighbors Organization which was started with funding from the United Methodist Church. Scott Morris, who helped bring this unique clinic to Tucson, will speak about its creation, the services it is providing and how volunteers can help achieve its mission.

The Doctrine of Discovery has been the legal framework since the 15th century that has formed the basis for European and later American people to take ownership of land occupied by indigenous peoples.

The Christian church empowered European governments to take land, extract resources and even kill the native people.  In the DVD & discussion class, you will lean how the Doctrine of Discovery is still in full force today, its effect on native peoples and their lands around the world and how it is embedded in US law. 

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