Deep Creativity:

Inside the Creative Mystery

with Victor Shamas, PhD

Sunday, March 4th,

10:30 am in the Community Center

What is Creativity? Where does it come from?

How do you fulfill your creative potential?

In this introduction to Deep Creativity, University of Arizona psychologist and author Dr. Victor Shamas, with 30 years experience in studying creativity, will combine storytelling and music to take people inside the creative experience, showing why artists describe creativity and the creative impulse in spiritual terms.

We will discuss the role of consciousness and imagination in the creative process, the cyclical nature of creativity, and the two most powerful creative forces at our disposal  -  love and joy.

Through a series of exercises, you will learn to cultivate the qualities in yourself that will guide your personal journey into the heart of creativity.

CURRENT AND upcoming classes: 

Adult education CLASSEs

Ecology is the New Theology

Sunday, February 25th,

10:30 am in the Community Center

This class will focus on the ideas of Michael Dowd, who has been called a "Pro-Future Evangelist". He follows the traditions of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme and others who promote an Earth-friendly, ecologically based lifestyle, based on stewardship of a planet that we only temporarily inhabit.

Creativity and Mental Health

Sunday, March 11th,

10:30 am in the Community Center

A panel of artistically expressive people with mental health challenges will talk about how they use their creative expression to deal with these challenges.

A counselor in expressive arts will also give examples of how the

arts can be healing.

Reducing Gun Violence

Sunday, March 18th,

10:30 am in the Community Center

with Pamela Simon and Emily Zimmerman

Pam Simon was an aide to Gabrielle Giffords, and was injured in the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and others in January of 2011.

Emily Zimmerman is the mother of Gabe Zimmerman, another Giffords aide who was killed in the shooting.

Together they will present for us the message of Every Town for Gun Safety. It is a national non-profit organization that advocates for sensible gun-control laws and against gun violence. 

The Name of the Game Is Not Competition,

aka Evolution Theory

Sunday, March 25th,

10:30 am in the Community Center

Ed Leigh, a retired Presbyterian minister, will lead this class that attempts to raise to consciousness our unconscious, culturally-conditioned belief that win-lose competition for survival is the natural order of things. Current evolution theory endorses cooperation as the driving force of evolution. Our assumptions in fields like politics, medicine, economics, etc. will be examined and discussed by the class.